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My work is ever evolving with themes consistent around exploring identity (personally and in a broader sense) using my interests in botany & architecture, peppered with astronomy and anthropology to create visual representations that symbolise my ideas, opinions & projections. Each piece and collection is influenced by my experiences, both past and anticipated, the natural world around me and whatever sparks my interest in that particular moment in time.

I work across a broad range of mediums, however my current preference is predominantly ink pen and water based paints on handmade rag paper. I love the texture and rugged traits of handmade paper and its natural & rustic form compliments the themes of nature I love to explore. My obsession with colours, particularly complementary ones; along with shapes, textures and symbolism, is a recurring theme in almost every piece I create. For me, art is as much a visual experience as it is a physical and mental one.

I was born and raised in Accra, Ghana to Ghanaian mother and British father, an aspect of which my practice is greatly influenced by, and now live in beautiful Eastbourne with my husband, two human children and three fur babies.

IMG_4106 2_edited.jpg

Bird of Paradise (watercolour and ink on rag paper, 23.4 x 33cm)

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Annalynn Cooke

Painter, mixed media artist

Evolving  (mixed media on rag paper, 16.5 x 23.4cm)

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Magnolia (mixed media on rag paper, 23.4x 33cm)

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