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My art practice spans multimedia.

I work principally with paper as a 3D sculptural material, combined with mixed media, including wire, wood and metals. I make both small scale sculptures and installation pieces. I was influenced by the Italian Arte Povera movement whilst living in Italy.

I use a wide range of papers including found commercial wall papers, photographic prints, drawing and watercolour papers and Japanese papers. Their qualities of delicacy, instability and transparency, act as a counter to traditional hard sculptural materials of metals, stone, and wood. I employ craft techniques including weaving, stitching, binding, quilling.  My recent concerns include the temporal effects of gravity on suspended paper sculptures. The process of manipulation and transformation of my chosen materials is as important to me as the finished artwork, including ceding control of the materials to their intrinsic qualities. This guides my expectations of what is possible. I create sculptural installations in spaces that people can participate in. 

'Sprachohr' suspended wallpapers sculpture.AYasamee.jpg

Sprachrohr. Paper sculpture installation (H130cmXW100XD100)

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April Yasamee

Paper sculpture

Sugared paper Cube. Mixed media (H20cmXW20XD20)

yasamee-3Artist Books mixed media.jpg

Three Artists books sculptures: Non fa Niente, Curious Alice, Not a Book  (W80XD80XH25cm)

Thumbnail image on Member's Work page:
Feldenkrais Tunnel installation. Mixed media (H150cmXW160XD160)

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