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Clive Whitburn


I write music in quite a wide range of styles and genres. I try not to get stuck in one box. My music can be choral, orchestral, electronic or for any number of smaller ensembles. It can tell stories or be completely abstract.

I’m fortunate to have had music performed throughout the UK, in America, Australia and on BBC radio. “Music for Rooftops”, was recently performed by world famous and virtuosic Onyx Brass on the roof of the Congress Theatre and balconies of the Welcome Building and “Remember Me” for Soprano and Symphony Orchestra, was performed at the International Composers Festival at the De La Warr Pavilion, UK.

Membership of Blue Monkey is hugely stimulating and valuable. I find that hearing about and seeing the work of such a range of talented artists really inspires me.

A massive bonus is the opportunity to collaborate with artists. These collaborations have resulted in works I would never have produced on my own and they have significantly extended the power and reach of my music. I am particularly grateful to Judith Alder, Cliff Crawford, Steph Grainger and Ray Burnside for working with me on a number of projects.

I hope there are many more exciting collaborations to come. Feel free to get in touch!

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Clive Introducing Music for Rooftops

  • twitter:@clivewhitburn
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