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Collection of hand painted ceramics

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Gaynor Sadlo


I construct ceramic vessels in white stoneware, coiled and slabbed, mainly to create a complex shape on which to paint intricate designs in underglaze colours. I'm a studio member at Eastbourne Studio Pottery, where most of my work is created and fired.  I am currently working on a special project, which I could say is therapeutic.  My husband of 50 years, Alexander Sadlo, was an artist who worked in many media; we often created joint ceramic works. I usually made the vessel to his or my designs, while Alex painted them; we shared some shows over the years.  He left over 100 drawings for vessels, which I am now making and painting, although sometimes I work on my own forms as well. 

My other ‘life’ is continuing my research into the strong positive links between the arts and health, following my retirement from academic occupational therapy at the University of Brighton.  I focus on the neuroscience and therapeutic effects of ‘flow’ – how we forget personal worries, and lose track of time, because we become so focused on our art practice.

Hand painted ceramics

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Ceramic vase

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