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I am a painter, a cut-outs maker and educator, tempted by words, relative mythology and magic realism. 

I am interested in how fictional, such as folklore fables and archetypal myths relate to our life today. Storytelling is vital for my work where often a resilient female braves her way through various adventures. The complexity of human interactions, set in a multilayered dreamlike space, forms the core of my work. 

For my visuals, I use a wide range of media including painting, drawing, and collage, often reshaping my discarded artwork in new contexts. When attending artist residences, I incorporate other artists’ abandoned works. This is an ongoing, fluid process for me, where I constantly add, remove and change.

I want to bring to my projects a deep experience of human relationships and situations. It is vital for my practice to maintain communication over distances as well as building local engagement. I like working collaboratively.

Leda as I remember her  (joined paper cut outs, 119x86 cm)

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Ivilina Kouneva

Visual artist, Educator

Red Threads Forking Paths  (oil and acrylic on linen, 123x98 cm)

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Of Reach  (canvas and paper cut outs on paper, 48x48 cm)

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