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​All current Blue Monkey members can have their own profile page to showcase their latest work and to aid in networking with other Blue Monkey members.   To get your profile page, please click on the orange form button below and provide the following information:

  • Your name and email address and 1-2 words (Max) that best describes you. E.g artist, printmaker, Experimental filmmaker. musician, painter, photographer, sculptor, conceptual artist, etc. This will be used for your page sub-heading​

  • You will be asked to provide an Artist statement, that describes the work you do. (Max 200 words.) Or, if you prefer,  you may upload a word document in the upload box provided. This too should be no more than 200 words.  As your artist statement is for networking purposes, please provide it using the first person.

  • You are also welcome to provide your own website address if you have one and  details of your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts;  we can then provide a link to them on your profile page

  • You may upload  3 images in total to be included on your page. 

  • When providing images, please save your files as jpegs. Please make sure that jpegs are at least 72dpi with file size 1MB -5MB max and that the files are saved as the work's title.

  • For video and sound works please provide links to e.g SoundCloud, Vimeo, or Youtube, 


  • Once we have your uploaded work, we will create your profile page. We will send an email with the link for you to review your page when it's on the site.  After reviewing the page, if you need to make any edits to it, please contact us using this email address

  • You are welcome to update your page whenever you feel it needs a refresh. Please use the form again or contact the website email link above.

  • Please see our Privacy Policy on how Blue Monkey Network will handle the data you have supplied on the form.

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