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Emma Donovan

'Ammonoids' is inspired by my summer 2023 trip to Lyme Regis and the ammonites so present there. My practice involves creating hundreds of paintings and drawings using various papers including packaging reclaimed materials (in this case a fish & chip paper bag and brown paper packaging) alongside new materials. I paint, draw and etch drawings using various ink and graphite mediums, before deconstructing the original drawing and reassembling and layering individual drawn pieces into a more sculptural form I am content with.

'Forage'. This work is inspired by the structure of coastline plants and succulents that grow amongst the pebbles of the Eastbourne seashore. My practice involved using a range of repurposed packaging materials that I have foraged and gathered over the last few months - drawn to the sculptural qualities of many ethically produced packaging materials. It seemed fitting to use foraged materials for this creation of wildly foraged coastal plants. 

'Hinterland Seascape' is inspired by my love of the coastlines and ocean and the shapes and textures of seashells. My practice involves creating hundreds of drawings on pre-prepared watercolour paintings, before deconstructing the original drawing/painting and reassembling - layering individual drawn pieces into a more sculptural form Iam content with. The bases of all my collage pieces are cardboard discs from thick cardboard packaging pieces. This work is framed in a clear acrylic box frame.

Watch how Hinterland was made here:

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