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Ivilina Kouneva

In 2016, I visited Amsterdam and went to Oude Kerk (Old church). There I came upon the wonderful and witty guide maps with printed drawings and text in red by the artist Jan Rothuizen. I picked one and since then it has endured a few transformations. I kept layering and adding drawing and some colour. This last change (I hope) includes cutting the map into pieces and creating totally new work. Some of the images I collaged on the top of the new constructions, while adding others from previously used booklets and printed texts.

To an extent I perceive these two pieces as a collaboration, a dialogue through time and space with another creative. In my creative practice, I often use the "leftovers" from other artists, layering my own narratives. This is a fluid process, where the artworks evolve and shift , living a new life.

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