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Stephanie Grainger

'Crosshatching' is a metal point drawing on paper made from two egg boxes (one grey, one yellow). The boxes were pulped and remade into paper. The two different coloured papers were fused with water and glue and yellow paper was treated with white ground. I have been buying hens eggs from a local farm and I am fascinated how unlike standardised supermarket eggs they are. Farm eggs are individual both in size, colour, and shape. I have used different metals (silver, copper, and gold) to try and suggest the colour variation of the eggs.

'Paper Lace' - This drawing is on the tissue paper that had previously protected online clothing purchases. Layers of the paper have been laminated onto a base of plasters’-stickyscrim-tape, using water and PVA. The plaster’s tape was left behind after some building work. The lines of tape are still evident. The paper has remained very white except where some clothing manufacturer’s logos show through. The paper has been treated with one layer of transparent gesso. I wanted to refer to the papers’ original use in the choice of subject. The drawing is in pencil and white ink.

'Post Office Box 22'  is made from a cardboard box that was delivered with goods inside. It has been painted filled with newspaper and decorated with labels made using procreate drawing package. The “This way up” labels are all contradictory, as are the ‘fragile’ and ‘heavy’ parcel labels. The parcel is addressed twice both to and from Fujitsu and the Post Office. 

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