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Figures in movement: Out of Hours Gallery visit with Gaynor Sádlo

Thursday 8th February 2024

Gallery@42 42 South Street Eastbourne BN21 4XB

Image Above: Alex's drawings with Gaynor's ceramics

Our first event for February 2024, was an ‘out of hours’ access to the latest exhibition of works by previous BMN member Alex Sádlo (1927-2021) alongside his partner’s, BMN member Gaynor Sádlo’s ceramics. 

Some of you may recall the event we did at VOLT in 2022 where Gaynor and Edward Ball shared some of Alex’s paintings.  This exhibition focuses on one of Alex’s lifelong interests, depicting figures in movement.  The works span 50 years, and shows Alex’s explorations over time, in several media.  In collaboration with the gallery, Gaynor has used her close knowledge of each work to enhance visitors’ understanding and enjoyment.

Over the past few years Gaynor, who is a member of Eastbourne Studio Pottery, has been creating ceramic vessels using the drawings/designs from Alex’s many sketchbooks as her starting point.  Some of these intricately decorated pieces are also exhibited.  

Alex's early life was in Czechoslovakia, but while he was in art school in Prague, the communist takeover led to his escape in 1949. After a period in a refugee camp in Salzburg, he emigrated to Adelaide in Australia, where he lived for 22 years. The Sádlo’s settled in England in 1972 and the last 5 years of Alex’s life were spent in Eastbourne where Gaynor still lives. 

Many thanks to @galleryat42 for hosting us this evening and especially to Gaynor for giving us such a wonderfully informative insight into the life, personality and processes of her late husband Alex, and how she is continuing to keep his work alive and developing with her own interpretations of his drawings into vibrant sculptural ceramic vessels.

The exhibition continues until the 18th of February @galleryat42 in Eastbourne.

You can see more of Gaynor’s work on her Instagram @g.sadlo

Details of the gallery can be found here @galleryat42


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