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Vital Signs Exhibition Visit 

Thursday 09 November 2023 The Beacon Shopping Centre

Unit SU20

Terminus Road

Eastbourne, BN21 3NW

Image : Judith Alder in the Vital Signs Exhibition

For our November event, we visited Blue Monkey member and founder, Judith Alder's "Vital Signs" exhibition.

Judith Alder presents an exhibition of drawing, sculpture and moving image which takes a sideways look at some of life’s big questions about where we come from, what we’re made of, and what we know as ‘life’ in the 21st century. The exhibition explores ideas of growth, change and evolution and the complex networks, meshes and entanglements that connect the systems within which we all exist. Grounded in research, inspired by science fact and science fiction, and with a smattering of humour, the work builds on the idea that “we are made from the stars” – the notion that all the elements which form our planet and everything in it (including us) originated in a single cosmic event and that all known life has evolved from a single common ancestor. It goes on to point towards that which we don’t yet know, have not yet encountered, or yet created, in a rapidly changing world where the boundaries between dead, living and non-living become blurred, and the previously long, slow process of evolution appears to be in the process of being redirected by rapid human activity.

A big thank you to Judith for a fascinating talk and tour of her show. It was lovely to see such a large cross-section of Judith's work and influences. It was also interesting to see the space transformed from a shop to such a wonderful exhibition.


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