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A range of lino print and hand-drawn illustrations, books and the popular Miniature High Street.   Clare’s background in architecture inspires pieces from the built and natural form, drawing parallels between the two, to design unique works.  With a desire to evolve and create, Clare’s more recent additions are printed greenhouses, with drawn plant forms, mixed media using dipping pens and coloured pencils allows a lustre and individuality. Inspiration is everywhere.  Learning to swim aged 40 resulted in the most recent book, Ponds Pools & Lidos, richly illustrated with lino prints. Now working on a limited edition book on food and dining. 

Fleur  (15x15cm Linoprint, line drawing, pencil )

Clare Dales

Jesus Green Lido (Cambridge.  Lino print 21 x 35cm)

Thumbnail image on Member's Work page: Detail from
Willow Pattern Greenhouse (Lino and Line drawing 21 x 15cm)

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