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I am a published children's book illustrator, author, mixed media artist, and art facilitator based in Eastbourne. Born and raised in Vicenza, a small city in Northern Italy, I have been living in the UK since 2015. 

My work encompasses the beauty of the natural world and the relationship between humans and animals. 

At the beginning of my career, I worked exclusively with digital tools, as it was a cheaper, quicker option, and what the market required. In the past few months, I've rediscovered my love for traditional materials, textures, and that 'messy' finishing, thanks to my desire for drawing on location. My mantra is Art feels more playful when you are able to experiment with materials!

'Fairy Circle' (Acrylic Gouache and Colouring Pencils)

Giulia Casarotto

'Woodland Friend' (Brush Pens, Colouring Pencil and Pastels)

Thumbnail image on Member's Work page: detail from
'Summer Day' (Brush pens, Colouring Pencils and Soft pastel)

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