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Cliff Crawford

Visual artist

As a visual artist, I use both traditional and digital media to explore real and perceptual change through repetition, re-evaluation and reduction. I am probably best described as an enthusiast with an inquiring nature who is fascinated by the process of making. Observation is central to my work and I often use repeating images to look again at what may have been overlooked to produce layers of dialogue creating a visual narrative. I am currently working in Virtual Reality to explore the use of Blender, Unity and Mozilla Hubs to create immersive art environments in which to draw, and also enable creativity.

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cliffcrawford-A Deep Breath of Sky (Interactive 3D Space).jpeg

A Deep Breath of Sky. (An interactive digital 3D environment)

cliffcrawfordIntervention2022 (Interactive Virtual Gallery).jpeg

Intervention  2022  (Interactive Virtual Gallery)

Thumbnail image on Member's Work page:
Virtual Eye. A digital 3D animation

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