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Judy Martin

Mixed media artist

I moved to Brighton from London 35 years ago and have sustained my art practice alongside working in adult education teaching and mental health, using art in both contexts. 

My work for a number of years has been based on personal experience of bereavement and death, and more recently incorporating historical background of the period, for example, the Vietnam War. I use mainly found photos and those from family archives, engaging with purely visual aspects of individual images. The emotional resonance is known to me, but not to the viewer. Process is the important factor, starting with scale and initial medium and continuing where the image leads.

Untitled-Judy Martin.jpeg

Untitled  (watercolour, gouache and collage 29 x 21cm)



Conflict series: Vietnam
(Quink ink wash and graphite pencil 29 x 21cm)

Thumbnail image on Member's Work page:

Conversation with the Dead 2 (detail: 2 of 17 figures)
Figures: fired clay and enamel; Chairs: cardboard and paper collage
Each figure approx 7 cm high

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