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Kathleen Dawson


I've pretty much always lived in East Sussex, now settled in Seaford. I’ve been a member of Blue Monkey since fairly early days. 

I work on themes around the interaction of geography and history. Sometimes I draw upon the local landscape in which I am rooted, but more often I use images of landscapes I have never seen. They have brought themselves to my attention through reportage and news images, and I use paint to explore why they engaged my interest. How much is the story, how much the image, how much is about me, and what is the message? 

The paintings have their own history and geography, the ghosts of previous images often being still visible, or at least present.

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Free Car Park Kathleen Dawson.jpg

Free Car Park  (oil on paper, 600 x 890mm)

Grave of Dostoevsky Kathleen Dawson.jpg

Grave of Dostoevsky  (oil on paper, 500 x 400mm)

Thumbnail image on Member's Work page :
Mass Graves1  (oil on paper,  910 x 600mm)

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