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Stephanie Grainger

Artist, animator

My work involves drawing, photography, and digital techniques. In collaboration with my partner, Ray Burnside, we create digital animations using my drawings on paper and iPad. My early professional work was in theatre, perhaps the reason why narrative is fundamental to my visual art practice.

I moved to Eastbourne from London about ten years ago and discovered Blue Monkey Network. As a member, I’ve participated in crit groups, joint projects, and exhibitions with other Blue Monkey Network artists and have made some good friends.

sonnetlark-Stepahnie Grainger.jpeg

 Sonnet Lark 
(photographic print of ink drawing on polyester paper. 170cm x 130cm)

SeaStates2016-Stephanie Grainger.jpeg

Sea States (photographic collage, 42cm X 29 cm)

Thumbnail image on Member's Work page:
Wilmington Yew  (mixed media on paper.  50cm x 30cm)

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