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Kathleen King

Textile artist

My work is an exploration, a representation, and sometimes a provocation.

In the process of ‘making’ I mine deeper levels of my human experience, which I aim to share in an unmitigated way, side-stepping the distancing and dulling effect of daily speak, probing and sometimes prodding my consciousness and that of the viewer.  Rather than to amplify rage or join violent confrontation, I seek to protest gently, in the craftivist spirit.  

My tools are thread, needles, and more recently, looms.  Textiles are an intrinsic part of our lives, of our myths, metaphors and cultures. They are at the heart of all my work. 

Labyrinth (100x 100 cm; newspaper, acrylic, silk)

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Molly's Musings (60x60 cm; cotton, hand spun silk)

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