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Marie Linsdell

Artist & Printmaker

Sometimes it is difficult to step back from the conditioned existence of our day-to-day life, with its materialism and consumer-led society. The perception of who and what I am, and my place within the universe, is driven by a Buddhist perspective, and I endeavour to create work that holds the essence of this understanding. 

My creative practice often begins with photography, capturing a personal perspective and relationship with the natural world – exploring within it the infinite variety and constant state of flux. 

I utilise humble aspects of nature, particularly the components of trees, that go unnoticed, and often unwanted.  Through the intimate process of repurposing and the tactile nature of making, I aspire to elevate these elements – creating work with visual harmony and balance, offering the viewer an alternative frame of reference.  

By bringing attention to seemingly insignificant or overlooked details, my work offers up the opportunity for a different quality of attention - possibly to reconnect with the natural world with mindfulness, to contemplate, reflect and perhaps question what lies within.

Untitled 2022 (digital print on Kozo paper, small piece of wood, suspended)

The Three Lakshanas  (screenprint with leaf dust, roses, UV printed mirror, leaves)

Thumbnail image on Member's Work page: detail.
4776 miles is nothing (two photographic images, overlaid on a lightbox)

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