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Social Arts

April 21 2022

Emma Mason gallery
21 Lushington Lane Eastbourne BN21 4LJ

Using biographical storytelling, Fenya Sharkey shared some of her journey with the Social Arts and finish with an invitation followed by conversation.

This month’s talk & discussion was led by Fenya Sharkey. With more than 30 years as a social arts practitioner, Fenya shared three stories:

A journey with painting leading to dialogue and relational aesthetics.

A move from curating exhibitions, to the realm of happenings and events, and back again; bumping into Joseph Beuys and friends around each corner.

Meeting Compass Community Arts and discovering that the desire for inclusion and diversity might be a healthy societal attempt to talk about two sides of the same coin called trauma.

The origins of this talk began with an idea to extend an invitation to members of The Blue Monkey Network and form a subsidiary group that could become a Social Arts Network for artists local to Eastbourne. As time has gone on, Fenya would prefer to be more specific and suggest that instead, her contribution to the proposed “Social Arts Network” would be to invite interested members to participate in a social experiment to form what Joseph Beuys called, “a total work of art”.


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