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What’s Happening in Hastings? A talk by artist Sharon Haward

July 21 2022

Emma Mason gallery
21 Lushington Lane Eastbourne BN21 4LJ

Sharon Haward ‘Peek’, 35x5m polyester. Site specific installation The Space, St. Leonard’s on Sea.

Hastings has changed greatly in the last ten years, and since the pandemic it has changed even more, with many younger artists returning and setting project spaces and galleries. This talk focused on some of the different galleries and art spaces in and around the Hastings area. I have approached the galleries to find out what kind of art they are interested in showing and promoting, how they support local artists and whether they are open to proposals. My aim is to provide an overview of galleries and spaces so that the members of the Blue Monkey Network can see where they and their work might fit in.

The talk covered the bigger publicly funded galleries, smaller private galleries and artists run spaces.

Sharon Haward is a multidisciplinary artist working with installation, sculpture and photography; her practice is informed by the physical and tactile qualities of urban spaces and the world around us, often employing site-specific details that relate to historical or local narratives. Haward moves between making small scale objects and larger scale interventions that forge a direct physical and sensory relationship with the viewer and the immediate environment.

Haward has collaborated with curators and artists on a number of temporary projects in galleries, project spaces and abandoned spaces in UK. Her practice is often informed and refreshed by regular artist’s residencies such as those undertaken in Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Bulgaria and more recently Portugal. She has a Fine Art Degree from Newcastle University and an MA in Digital Media Arts from University of Brighton.


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