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When Where What

Thurs Aug 18 2022, 6 - 8.00 pm

ONLINE via Zoom

When Where What was an online Zoom event organised by Ivilina Kouneva.

The event took the format, that in only five minutes, the 9 chosen participants were invited to talk about their future artistic opportunities or to look back and share anything memorable or thrilling. The only condition was that they should specify the TIME, PLACE and the SUBJECT. It was a playful way to promote an event or to share something that has awakened curiosity or broadened artistic horizons.

The 9 creatives from across the South East sharing with us were: Ben Browton Chris Holley Clare Dales Cliff Crawford Clive Whitburn Geraldine Franklin Ivilina Kouneva Judy Martin Stephanie Robertshaw

Subjects ranged from lino-printing, drawing, composing music, virtual reality hubs and animation.

Left to right: Work by artists Clare Dales, Judy Martin and Geraldine Franklin


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