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Photographing your artwork with artist Elizabeth Doak

May 23rd 2024

3 hour workshop
DC Learn, Seaside Road, Eastbourne

This was the first of two workshops to be held this Summer for BMN members on Photographing your artwork with artist Elizabeth Doak.

No photographic experience was necessary as we used a mixture of personal mobile phones and Elizabeth’s digital cameras to make the images. This was a fun and highly informative afternoon, with Elizabeth helping BMN members make good images of their artwork for digital cataloguing, open calls, media presentation etc, using natural and artificial lighting techniques as well as a helpful discussion on the software and photo-editing apps available. 

Elizabeth Doak is an artist and educator based in Eastbourne.  She has over 20 years of experience teaching photography workshops in galleries, schools and for independent projects and has worked with organisations such as The National Portrait Gallery, Towner Art Gallery, Photoworks Brighton, Victoria and Albert Museum London and independent organisations such as Farley Farm, home of photographer Lee Miller. 


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