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5 X 5: Five Sussex artists talk

17th November 2022, 6.00 - 8.00pm

Towner Gallery

Devonshire Park

College Road

Eastbourne BN21 4JJ

Image: Roger Adams  Striped Dress (Oil on canvas 60 x 40cm )

This popular event provided an opportunity for our five artist-presenters to brush up on their presentation skills, as well as a chance for Sussex artists to get to know each other better and explore the breadth and diversity of artistic practice in the region. The five artists each talked for five minutes and showed 15 images of, or relating to their work in these short and snappy Pecha Kucha-style presentations. Our five presenting artists were:

Sheila Hay has taught Art and Design for over 20 years mainly in F.E., at Towner, and other educational settings, always embracing the values of community, diversity, and inclusion. Her main material interest is in ceramics. Her work explores a large range of traditional techniques and forms but is also innovative and experimental. Recent work: Sheila has collaborated with performance artists working with the Noh Theatre in Japan, “Lost Moths” and with neurodiverse dancers in the UK, “Ode to Edith”. Current work in progress: An exploration of mirrors, using clay, glass, and silver, “Looking Glass” and a series of ceramic brooches inspired by Ivor Cutler’s stickers, and pictograms, “Look back, Spring forward”. Instagram: @sheilahayceramics

Roger Adams regards himself as a painter who places the figure at the heart of his practice. His images are loose and simple using paint to show how a person’s body responds to its feelings and thoughts and focusing on the fact that expression and emotion can be captured through pose. He is not interested in the realistic detail of a person’s exterior and there are few if any facial features.

Marie Linsdell is currently studying MA Print at the Royal College of Art, after completing her BA in Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Brighton and UAL Diploma in Art & Design at South Downs College in Eastbourne.

Marie’s artistic practice relates directly to her interest in philosophy, offering a combination of sensory perception and experience. It begins with photography, capturing a personal perspective of her relationship with nature – creating work that offers the opportunity to contemplate, reflect and perhaps question what lies within, with the potential for a different quality of attention.

Instagram: (artworks) @marielinsdell_art (photography) @marielinsdell

Philomena Harmsworth-Dayman

Portraiture of a Narrative Place Philomena’s present focus involves 3D processes (paper and ceramic sculpture), artist books, and poetry, she collates these forms into installations and film. These are portraits of the land personified. She juxtaposes visuals with words like two ribbons undulating alongside each other but not always in complete accord. Her exhibitions are creeping into the world of installation. Philomena studied art foundation at Camberwell and degree at Wimbledon College of Art. She has just started a Physics A level - a history of discoveries - like lying on your back among vertical grass vibrating with the microcosmic world of insects flying, and realising they are the same size and speed as floating downy seed heads. Instagram: @philomenaharmsworthartist

Pat Thornton Having taught visual studies at Northbrook College for many years, Pat Thornton refreshed her painting practice by embarking on the Sequential Illustration MA (University of Brighton) 2006. Since then, she has been painting regularly and exhibiting in Sussex and various group shows in London, The Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, Glyndebourne Open ’Disguise, The Sussex Contemporary, and currently in the Discerning Eye. Whether it is issues of the current global strife or her own sense of unease Pat finds something extraordinary and sometimes disturbing in the everyday. Axis Instagram: @patriciathorntonart


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