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Open Plan Residency

Aug 11 2022 

Towner Eastbourne
Devonshire Park, College Road
Eastbourne, BN21 4JJ

Artist Laura Ribbons gives her talk

On Thursday 11 August we had the opportunity to visit the ground floor studios at Towner Eastbourne to see the work in progress and to hear from some of the Blue Monkey Network artists who have been selected for the Open Plan Residency, following an Open Call earlier this year.

Anne Barrell, April Yasamee, Judy Martin and Laura Ribbons gave a talk about what they’ve been up to – how they’ve chosen to use the space during the week, how it related to their practice and their expectations and experience of the residency.

The event ran on the ground floor studio which for 4 weeks had become an interactive workspace and creative studio for selected artists. The event was open to all and we welcomed any other participating artists in the residency, to come along and talk about their work if they wanted to.

Above: Images 1-2 top L-R. Artists share their group project which invovled as a starting point for inspiration, the poem by writer Ursula Le Guinn, called Granite. Image 3 Artist Judy Martin gives her talk along with image 4. bottom L. April Yasamee and image 5 Ann Barell


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