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One gallery…two exhibitions, with special viewing and artist talk

Friday 14th April 2023 VOLT Gallery and Project Space

67-69 Seaside Road

Eastbourne  BN21 3PL

image: Mark Corfield-Moore's work at the Volt

One gallery…two exhibitions, with special viewing and artist-talk at the Volt gallery.

This talk featured artist Mark Corfield-Moore's work 'Cheetah Girl' and Tomoya Matsuzaki's work 'Petrichor Grey'.

'Cheetah Girl' presents new work by London/East Sussex-based artist Mark Corfield-Moore.

It refers to a historical character – an 18th-century cheetah, a diplomatic gift to King George III.  Renamed ‘Miss Jenny’, she lived at the Tower of London. Reflecting colonial past, Corfield-Moore’s interest is in memory and collective history; the cheetah embodies and navigates between cultures, exploring exoticism and diasporic identities.  

Born in Bangkok, Corfield-Moore lived mostly in the U.K.  Soon after he started weaving, he discovered that his Thai grandmother was also a weaver.  His artistic practice connects through acts of longing and reconnection of heritage. 

Mark Corfield-Moore at the Volt Gallery (image by Phoebe Wingrove)

Detail (image by Phoebe Wingrove)

Tomoya Matsuzaki 'Petrichor Grey'

Japanese-born painter Tomoya Matsuzaki draws inspiration from food, foraging, and the cultural differences between Japan and the UK, where he has lived since 2003. Matsuzaki’s interest in foraging facilitates a better understanding and connection with the places he lives in.


In 'Petrichor Grey,' Matsuzaki sees the cold, grey UK landscapes through the lens of a curious traveller. Feeling an outsider in both countries, he finds sanctuary and belonging in the common elements of their climates and ecologies. Foraging and painting become a form of research that allows Matsuzaki to develop his own personal landscape, shaped by two cultures and two lands. Thanks to everyone at the Volt Gallery, Adam Spain, Edward Ball and Gaynor Sadlo for organising this event for us.

Tomoya Matsuzaki at the Volt gallery (image by Phoebe Wingrove)

Tomoya Matsuzaki's work at the Volt gallery


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